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When You Need the Family Upright Piano Moved, Called the Best Piano Mover NYC

A sure fire way to never get help moving, ever again, is to call the guys and let them know you need help, but you don’t tell them until they arrive that it’s to move Grandma’s old upright piano. Moving a piano by strong arm methods often results in a damaged piano, or injured people, due to the weight, cumbersome nature, and shear size of an upright piano.  Many moving companies will not touch a piano due to the difficulty of the dead weight plus the high chance of damaging the item. It takes knowledge and the right equipment to move a piano so it does not end up with broken off legs, a cracked soundboard, or worse. They are still tough, and can survive through a history filled with children and piano lessons, drying gas, oil, or electric heat during the winter, and humid ocean airs. They do need care, though, when being moved to not damage the many parts and fittings, hardwood, strings, and other parts, including the often completely inadequate brass roller feet that eat carpet, crack tile, and mar wood floors.

 Upright pianos are literally a block of dead weight due to the style of construction. The solid brass or cast iron soundboard is upright in the back of the instrument, making them off-center for balancing. They are notoriously heavy, often upwards of 800 pounds. There are four distinct styles of uprights: the full upright, which is the tallest and heaviest, a studio upright, slightly shorter, used for teaching and often made with better components than a home version; a console, shorter (up to 51” tall) and often made with fine woods to blend in as a piece of home furniture; and a spinet, the smallest of uprights with a lower top, most often has the easiest to break delicate spindle legs and easily is jostled out of tune during the moving process. 

Moving an Upright Piano is a Job for Piano Mover NJ

Upright pianos have often been in families for years and are passed from one generation to the next. In the City, in particular, getting a piano into an upper-floor flat or apartment can be a challenge, even with a freight elevator. Often, older uprights have heavier soundboards, and drier wood components from years of sitting. It is really important that whomever moves your family heirloom knows how to do it correctly, and has the equipment made to move pianos, along with the expertise. Piano Movers New Jersey has many years of experience moving upright pianos from and to all sorts of living locations, and we know how to get them moved without breaking off fragile legs, cracking wood, and damaging the walls in your halls or the instrument. Piano Movers New Jersey moves instruments throughout New Jersey and the entire greater New York metro area. Call us or send in our online contact form for a free estimate to get your upright piano moved safely by a licensed, insured carrier who specializes in nothing but pianos. You can trust Grandma’s piano to us, and you will be able to continue to make memories for your family with your safely moved instrument. 

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