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If you have a serious piano aficionado in your home, you may have stepped up to a medium grand instead of its little sister, the baby grand. A medium grand often is purchased when a serious piano student or performance artist desires better tone quality and deeper resonance, and a full grand piano is simply not in the budget or will not fit due to size constraints. A medium grand is still a considerable instrument, though, weighing in just under a thousand pounds and averaging 5 – 5’6” in length. A medium grand piano is a substantial investment, and often a showpiece in a home, as well it should be, since they are constructed of some of the finest hardwoods and are most often hand finished. 

Moving any piano is a difficult task, and requires special equipment and knowing what and how to do it so the piano, and your home, come through the transfer with no damage. A medium grand, like any grand piano, has to be disassembled, legs removed if possible, harp, music rack, soundboard and strings padded and lid securely fastened, and then turned on its side (only the lower octave side, due to the size and shape of the brass or cast iron soundboard) onto a piano slide board, which is then securely stationed and fastened onto a piano dolly. It is extremely important that a grand piano is not bumped or bounced over thresholds or door frames in transfer, as it is very easy to break strings, crack a soundboard, or literally destroy the instrument from the inside out. Only experienced piano movers who care about your fine instrument as much as you do should be hired to take care of this job, as it is tedious, exacting, and has to be done step-by-step to insure the safety of your home and instrument. 

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Piano Movers New Jersey has been moving pianos, and nothing else, for many years in the central New Jersey – New York Metro region.  We are licensed and insured, and have many satisfied clients, ranging from private citizens to some of the largest institutions in the region who trust their fine keyboard instruments to us when they need them relocated. We come prepared and know the difference in materials, manufacturers, and components for each type of piano, whether it is a medium grand, spinet, or your grandmother’s upright. Each piano is precious to the owner, and we aim to take care of your treasure as if it were our own. Every piano move is started with a free estimate. We like to look at more challenging locations (such as the fire stairs with two turns, you know how it is in the City) so we know exactly what has to be done to provide maximum safety for your instrument, our crews, and your home. We take tremendous pride in delivering, reassembling, and knowing your instrument is back in good condition to you. Just a reminder, all pianos regardless of how carefully they are handled need to be retuned after moving. Call us or send in our online contact form and let us provide a free quote for your medium grand piano move. We are locally owned and operated, and serve the entire region. You will be pleased with our service, and our reasonable prices for services. 

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