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If you are fortunate enough to own a grand piano, you know a few things about it. First, it was expensive. Second, it is a behemoth in terms of size and weight. And third, it is fussy, picky about how it is handled, the environment it resides in, and heaven help you if it needs moved, because it is far more delicate than its half-ton would lead you to believe. A grand piano is constructed of fine hardwoods, steel, wire, and a soundboard, most often made of cast iron. If you know anything about cast iron besides it is heavy is that it is brittle, and a cast iron soundboard in a grand piano is very easy to crack if it is not moved with expert white glove handling. Moving a grand piano requires experience, patience, extreme attention to detail, and finesse. The knowledge of what and how to do it to make sure the instrument arrives safe and sound takes years to gain. We have those years of experience, as well as the specialized equipment it takes to move your expensive piece of fine instrumental furniture, and we would like to offer you a free estimate on the cost to move your instrument the correct way so it will arrive intact and safe, and those around it do not get injured in the process. 


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A grand piano has to be disassembled to move. One of the biggest challenges are the legs, since they are thin compared to the weight of the piano, with a tremendous amount of pressure on them. A grand piano ranges from 8 – 11 feet in length, and is usually 5 – 6 feet wide. This makes maneuvering its 1,000 pound-plus bulk through doorways, down halls, and around furniture a challenge so both the piano and the surroundings do not get damaged. It is also important to know what kind of floor the piano has to be taken across in a move, as it travels on its side. The sheer weight can easily crack tile, mar wood, destroy laminate, or snag and tear carpet. That is why we always survey every location before we begin any move, often when giving a quote, whenever we are called to move a grand piano. Each move is different, the weather of the day makes a difference in how components in the piano respond to being dramatically shifted, and we know these things and make every possible preparation to not only have the piano moved safely and successfully, but the location kept intact as well. 

Licensed and insured, we have been moving pianos in the New Jersey – New York Metro area for many years. In fact, we do nothing but move pianos and fine keyboard instruments, jukeboxes, and rare metal music disc players.  We have many referrals, reviews, and references to back up our claim of being the piano mover that clients call when they want a fine instrument to go to a new location. Our rates are reasonable, we can handle stairs and lifts, and we protect your prized musical piece like it was our own. Call us or send in our online contact form, and let us provide a free, detailed estimate to move your grand piano. You will be glad you hired professionals that know exactly what they are doing, every time. 


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