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The Largest Venues Trust Their Concert Grand Piano Moving to Piano Movers NJ

When an institution, concert hall, university, or event center, or even a private citizen has spent up to a million dollars on an instrument, you don’t want just anyone touching it, yet alone moving it.  Moving a concert grand piano is like moving a very expensive, delicate antique sports car with a forklift. You just don’t do it that way, unless the top expert in the field is operating that lift. When it comes to moving concert grand pianos, we are the piano moving company of choice that concert halls, large venues, the private wealthy, professional musicians and others call to get their concert grand pianos moved. We are fully licensed and insured, and have the experience they trust to take care of those prized, delicate, massive instruments, knowing they will arrive where they belong intact, without damage, and at a reasonable price. 

A concert grand piano is massive, often weighing in well over 1,200 pounds and over 11 feet in total length. Hand constructed of fine hardwoods, brass, steel, and other components, a concert grand may have up to 10,000 individual pieces that make up each fine, individual instrument. Moving a concert grand can easily change the sound of that individual instrument, and even in the best of weather conditions, it is a job that only should be handled by professional piano movers with a great deal of experience in that size and configuration of piano. There are many parts that must be secured, disassembled, padded, and otherwise protected to avoid shifting or damage. Most people do not realize that most parts inside a grand piano are under pressure, and when the body of that piano is moved, the pressure shifts, easily causing distress on joints, seams, along the grain, or from sheer weight. The knowledgeable Piano Movers New Jersey has the experience, proper equipment, and manpower to assure that every possible precaution is taken to safely and efficiently move any piano, but especially a concert grand.

Licensed and Insured, Experienced Piano Movers NYC and Beyond

Moving pianos is all we do, and all we have done for many years. We know how important it is when you need a concert grand moved, often on a very tight time schedule between venues or programs. Our experienced piano moving teams have the right equipment and we know how to protect such a valuable instrument, especially during humid, rainy, or winter conditions, all of which can be very damaging to an instrument if not addressed correctly during the move. We always provide free estimates for moving pianos, and especially a concert grand, as they often have to be moved to or from a location that presents challenges since few freight elevators are large enough to handle them, and taking extreme caution to cushion and secure the instrument is so crucial. If you would like a free quote for having a concert grand moved, please call us or send in our online contact form. We most likely will ask for a walk-through of the venue, if possible, or photos so we can accurately assess the location, movement path, and accessibility to safely transfer the instrument. Your concert grand move will go smoothly, safely, and be done with white glove service. 

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