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When you have a truly serious piano student in your home, the instrument of choice is most often a baby grand piano. A baby grand is a smaller version of a standard grand piano, and there are two difference types, a baby grand and a petite grand. Both are five feet wide, making for a formidable piece of furniture to navigate through a home. The tailpiece on both is about 3 feet wide.  A petite grand is most often between 4’ 5” and 4’ 10” in overall length, whereas a baby grand is 4’ 11” to 5’ 11”. Considering that a baby grand, depending on the type of wood and soundboard, can weigh close to 1,000 pounds, it is not an object to be moved by just anyone. To safety move a grand of any type, the soundboard, strings, and lid must be secured, the harp removed or secured, music rack protected, and legs removed if at all possible. A grand has to be moved sideways, and only can be moved on a piano board on one side, vertically, to avoid serious damage. Disassembling, turning, moving, and reassembling an instrument of this quality that is so critical to your musician, who may be practicing for a scholarship audition or a paid engagement, means that the instrument needs professional, experienced piano movers like those at Piano Movers New Jersey. We service the entirety of New Jersey as well as greater New York Metro, and all we do is move pianos. We know more than anyone in the area how to get your baby grand piano move taken care of safety.


Let a Pro be Your Piano Mover NJ So You Baby Grand Piano Gets Moved Safely

A baby grand is a considerable investment for most families, even those of more substantial means. You want to know that if you need that instrument moved with no damage, including a shifted sound board, busted strings, or worse, broken or crack damage to the fine woods used in the case and legs, that the piano movers you hire have the experience and the right equipment to move the piano safely. You need to know they are licensed, insured, and take care to make certain their dollies do not damage your tile or hardwood floors, tear up your carpets, and your furniture and walls do not end up gouged. When Piano Movers New Jersey provides a free quote to move your instrument, know we survey every location prior the move of your baby grand to make certain every precaution is taken to avoid damage or issues. As with all piano moves, even as careful as we are, the mere act of moving any fine instrument like a baby grand should be followed by a visit from your piano tuner. You can rest assured the expertise we have in moving fine instruments is always backed by our licenses, and we are fully insured. We come highly recommended with many years in the region, and we do nothing but move pianos and fine keyboard instruments. Call us, or send in our online contact form for a free quote, and we will get right back with you. We do offer short notice moves for emergencies, if that is a need you have. Let Piano Movers New Jersey remove the worry about how to get your baby grand piano moved safely, reasonably, and protected.

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