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Your piano is like an old friend, and has probably brought many years of pleasure, relaxation, enjoyment, memories, and solace to you or those in your home. When you have to move your piano, though, often people wonder if it is worth the potential damage to the piano and the people involved, as pianos, whether a small spinet or a full concert grand, are simply not the easiest piece of furniture to handle. They are notoriously heavy, dead weight for their size, top heavy due to the brass or cast iron soundboard location, and bulky. Navigating them around furniture, down halls, across floors, through doors, and down or up steps all take a lot of effort and are strenuous to say the least. Moving a piano is a job for professionals that know how to do it right, know how to protect your home, and most of all, how to handle and care for your piano with the correct equipment to get it moved safely, all at a reasonable price.  You need the services of the professional piano moving company New York City Metro and New Jersey piano owners have trusted for many years as the leading experts in all sizes, ages, and configurations of pianos needing moved, Piano Movers New Jersey. We are licensed, insured, and have more recommendations and years of experience than any other company in the region. We always provide free estimate for every piano move. We are locally owned and operated, and we are proud to be the piano moving company of choice handling your fine instrument so you can continue to enjoy its company and the memories it makes for you and your family for many years to come.

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