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There have been a lot of jokes and cartoons over the years about New York piano movers, usually depicting a piano in a sling up on a crane and then some horrific thing happening to whatever is below the piano, and then the piano. While they may bring a wry smile to your face, it is not the way you want your piano moved or handled when you hire professional piano movers New York area based. You need to know your piano, whether a concert grand or a family upright is in good hands and is being handled safely, assuring your piano arrives at its final destination intact. 

Piano moving NJ and elsewhere is not a job for the normal person. Lots of people try to move their own instrument, but often it ends up with broken legs, the house with scared and gouged flooring and walls or splintered door frames, or worse, injured helpers. There is no such thing as a lightweight piano, as even the modern digital ones weigh several hundred pounds. A traditional piano ranges from 400 – 1,500 pounds, depending on the type and construction materials. Pianos are compact, dense, dead weight, and since they are always in climate control and subjected to winter heat and summer air conditioning, as well as the outside climate that affects the inside air, the hardwoods that make up most piano bodies tends to dry. That drying means pianos tend to become brittle and the wood cracks easily, especially with the vast amounts of stress and pressure on various joints, curves, fastener locations, and other parts under tension. Pianos have a brass or cast iron soundboard in them, with steel strings under tremendous tension. It takes little to snap a string, break a soundboard loose, or crack one, causing damage that may or may not permanently harm your instrument. 

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We provide our services on NYC and New Jersey area

We Are The Piano Movers Oakland NJ Uses

If you live in Jersey or anywhere in the metro New York City area, you might wonder why we are worried about the small town of Oakland, NJ when it comes to the services we offer. The point is, we will move pianos from anywhere to anywhere in the region. We know that there are pianos that are valuable, sentimental, precious and important to people in Oakland just like anywhere else someone owns an instrument. Pianos have a way of becoming long-time friends and valued possessions in a family, often being passed from one generation to the next. At Piano Movers New Jersey, we know that moving your piano should get the same attention we would give it if it were our piano being transferred from one place to another.  You need piano movers New Jersey relies on, who know not only what they are doing, but also how to do it with care and consideration, all at a great price. 

Piano Movers New Jersey is the Piano Mover NJ and New York Relies On For Every Kind of Piano Move

Lots of moving companies when asked will tell you they are NYC piano movers. If they tell you that, ask them what they do to move a piano, and what equipment they use. If they do not tell you specifically how to disassemble a grand piano, that the strings and soundboard have to be padded and braced, the lid fastened, what they will take off and wrap, and how they plan to place and on what the body of the piano to move it, you should not hire them. There is specific equipment and specific things to do that have to be followed to make sure your piano is moved correctly and safely. If not, your home and your piano may end up seriously damaged, let alone the people trying to move that heavy piece of furniture. 

Any piano mover South Jersey and beyond will tell you that every step has to be done every time to insure that your piano is not damaged. Every piano should be checked after moving by a qualified piano tuner, as even with the most careful transfer, as the shifting, jostling, and movement will tend to cause the components to reposition, and with even a slight change, the piano will not sound quite right. If you need recommendations in the New Jersey – New York area for a tuner, we will be happy to share whom we know are experienced, fairly priced piano tuners that serve the area where the piano will reside.

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Piano Movers NYC Have to Be Prepared for Weather and Safe Keeping

Many people do not realize there is so much variety in pianos and other keyboard instruments. Today there are numerous digitized units that still require TLC when being moved so the electronics do not get damaged. This is especially important when there is any chance of rain, snow, sleet, or other moisture dense weather activities going on outside. Your piano needs to be completely covered and protected so there is no chance of finish, frame, or component damage.  Our experienced NYC piano mover teams know what to do and have all the correct equipment, wrapping materials, and covers to protect your investment in any kind of weather.

Sometimes you might be transitioning from one place to another but the new place the piano goes is not quite ready to receive it yet. Piano Movers New Jersey can arrange for humidity and temperature controlled piano storage NYC metro and anywhere in New Jersey you might need a unit placed for a short term. Just let us know in advance, and we can take care of those arrangements for you. 

What All Needs Moved by Piano Movers NJ Trusts?

Being in the vibrant, constantly on the move NYC – NJ area, there is a really large variety of instruments that need moved from one place to another. While Piano Movers New Jersey has specialized in pianos of all shapes, sizes, ages, and weights, we also move other fine musical equipment. We regularly handle grand pianos, from baby and medium grands to medium, regular grands, and even massive concert grands, spinets, uprights, and parlor grand pianos. Parlor grands, in particular, set us apart from the competition. Most parlor grands are very compact and nearly all are fine antiques. Many times these instruments are historical, very ornate, inlaid or have marquetry work, and often are made from rosewood, ebony, or rare varieties of mahogany. Having lived for decades, sometimes centuries, in heating and cooling and damp and dry, the wood often has gotten brittle and fragile, but still is exceedingly heavy. Most piano moving companies will not touch a parlor grand due to the insurance issues and frankly, they just do not want to do the work necessary to protect the instrument properly, taking the time to lift and love them correctly, nor deal with the extreme weight. We know how to do it, and we are experts at it. If you happen to be the fortunate owner of one of these exquisite pieces of musical history, call us and we will give you a fair quote for moving the piano

Among the other fascinating things we have been known to move are harpsichords, melodeons, all varieties of organs including pipe organs (once disassembled, they require specialists in pipe organ work), player pianos (another instrument few piano moving NYC companies will move due to weight, an upright often weighing in close to a ton!), and a number of different large music boxes and orphions, symphoniums, rockolas, jukeboxes, and other delicate, easy to damage musical equipment. We have also been known to help move band equipment in a pinch as well as other special musical instrumentation. We are fully licensed and insured, have all the right equipment and packing material, and we respect each instrument and know how to correctly handle it for moving and storage.

Sometimes you may just simply need a piano removed, and you are not taking it anywhere, but you are donating it to a non-profit, religious or civic organization, or selling it. We are happy to arrange for piano removal and will see to it the instrument is relocated where you designate. In some instances we may also do piano removal for you even if you do not have a place it needs to go. As far we know, we are the only piano mover New Jersey has that will rehome unwanted pianos to make sure they have a new life with someone who would be happy to receive one. We have placed them in community halls, senior centers and senior living facilities, private homes where someone needed a piano but could not afford one, and a variety of other locations.  Since we are the top piano movers NY calls, we get contacted by a lot of people and keep notes. Your piano that you cannot move with you cross-country will be placed where it can create a whole new set of smiles and memories. 

The Best Piano Movers NYC Has Also Are the Piano Mover Oakland NJ Trusts

Piano Movers New Jersey is a top rated, licensed, insured piano moving company that does all varieties of pianos. If it has keys, or plays a song in a box, we will move it professionally for you at a very reasonable price. We are listed as the best piano movers in NJ, as well as NYC-Metro. We are locally owned and operated and have many years of experience in moving pianos of all sizes. Call us, or send in our online form for a free estimate, and we will call right away to set up a convenient time to see what needs to be done to insure a quality move for your piano. No job is too challenging, and trust us, after all these years and hundreds of pianos, we have seen it all. Let us take care of your musical instrument.  We make sure your home, your friends, and your back are kept safe, and your piano is well taken care of and safely delivered. 


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